If Trump were a homosexual, would Trump supporters have voted for him?

Jun 2013
If he was gay, many would still vote for him, but I doubt he'd get a cake made. No way.
No photos or pizza, either. No marriage license, for sure. Just imagine who he would nominate to the SCOTUS.....

But he's not gay, just a greedy, gluttonous, narcissistic, lying adulterer (and one can see who he nominated to the SCOTUS)........for that he gets full support, from those who bash homosexuality.....who seem to think that, makes sense, in spite of all those of the world, including those of their own religion, who see it for what it is........hypocrisy in sententia obvious.....
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Apr 2014
Yes. At least I would have. I can't speak for others, but I'd bet most would. You all seem to think we're all alike.
People voted for him because they didn't want another Obama in office, and the most corrupt woman in America. I don't believe if he was homosexual it would have made a difference. The country didn't want her.
No you voted for him because he lies and you believe him. Tell us how Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt woman in America. You are aware that she has been investigated nonstop and guess what they can’t find all this corruption. But Trump told you to “lock her up” and his base is obedient and just chant what he tells them to.... If you ever listen to his rally it’s almost embarrassing how they act like a little sheep repeating hateful terms. Actually I don’t think they would vote for him if he was homosexual they only vote for him because he grabs pussies which makes manly