If Trump were a homosexual, would Trump supporters have voted for him?

Dec 2006
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No. We saw how well Comey's investigation of Hillary's emails went. He wouldn't charge her with anything because he 'thought' she just didn't know better. How stupid do they think she is? Maybe this is why she didn't do shit while SOS, except help get Americans killed. Like I've said, the Clinton's have been protected all their political lives. Some day the truth will come out....probably after they're dead though.
A Republican Congress investigated her, too. She certainly is a Wiley one
Feb 2011
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Trump is not a homosexual so what is the point of this thread? We could play the what if hillary.......
What if Hillary.....

..... had won the election??

Well, or starters, the government wouldn't be shut down, thousands of government workers would be getting paychecks, the deficit wouldn't be back in the trillions, the USA wouldn't be a laughingstock among our allies, we wouldn't be quite as cozy with Russia.