If we fired all of our guns at once, would we explode into space?

Jan 2016
I remember when I was back in grade school, and the boys would ask each other questions like this: If the government of Red China got EVERYONE in China to jump off a four-foot high table at the exact same time, would that trigger massive earthquakes in America?

I hope I'm not giving them damn Communist Chinese any ideas!!
May 2012
By the wall
One nuclear explosion puts out more energy then if we fired every gun on the planet at once and that hasn't changed anything.

Hell, the tide in any given ocean puts out more energy than that.

In fact, we could fire off every nuke on the planet at the same time and all we would do is pollute the atmosphere.

The only theoretical way to change the orbit of Earth is to move the moon.

Since we can't move the moon the approach would be, and this is on the very extreme outer edge of thinking, is to begin mining it and sending the material to collide with the Earth in specific locations thereby increasing the our mass.

The amount of effort this would take is astronomical however.

It would essentially take every nation in the world to make this their entire focus and the only thing they spend money on. Every resource would need to be used for this purpose since you are talking about taking continents worth of material and transferring it.