IG could not explain 18-day window between Ukraine call and whistleblower complaint: sources

May 2019
West Haven
The reality is the fake news sheeple don't know ...

Get back with me when the transcript is proven to be anything other than what it is.

Oh ... and, some anonymous source in the fake news MSM claiming the transcript isn't authentic does not constitute proof.

Meanwhile Happy Bleating .....
Try looking at near the bottom of the first page of the document Trump provided. It might give you a clue.
Caution: A Memorandum of a Telephone Conversation (TELCOM) is not a verbatim transcript.
Here are 3 more clues for you:
they say Crowdstrike ...
your wealthy people ...
you can look into it ...

Do you know what those three little dots after the words mean? Or did they forget to teach you that in Russian bot academy?
Jan 2019
What Schiff knew (and when) is not relevant to the President's conduct during the call.

Either the President extorted a favor or he didn't.

Sure looks to me like he did.
There is no proof from the transcript that there was a quid pro quo. It sounds that way because that is what you want to hear.
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Nov 2010
San Diego...ish
Because a whistleblower wouldn't want to take a step back and think about this for a little while. Knowing that it will probably end his career and could even threaten his wellbeing.
This is very true. Traditionally, America has not been kind to high level whistle blowers, but anyone willing to take that risk had better of truly thought through this decision and realized that eventually their identity will come out and they will have to deal with the consequences, good or bad.
Nov 2010
San Diego...ish
Which was set up for covert operations and intelligence gathering, not for the storage of unclassified phone call transcripts.

They put it on there to hide it.
True, but after calls to the President of Mexico and others were leaked, this was the response. Putting these memos in a more secure location.