IG could not explain 18-day window between Ukraine call and whistleblower complaint: sources


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Which was set up for covert operations and intelligence gathering, not for the storage of unclassified phone call transcripts.

They put it on there to hide it.
It is privileged communication. They have every right to hide it. Trump routinely calls newly elected leaders of countries, but it's still a private call.

In this example

Executive Privilege and Compelled Testimony of Presidential Advisers: Don McGahn's Dilemma

There is no doubt that he will be asked to testify about his personal interactions and conversations with the president—communications that the Supreme Court has expressly recognized as protected by executive privilege. If the White House decides to object to his testimony on the basis of executive privilege (or to his attendance on the basis of immunity, as described below), it could take one of two actions. It could direct McGahn not to answer questions or, if immunity is the claim, not to attend the hearing. Or it could indicate that there are executive privilege issues the president is still considering and request that McGahn refrain from answering any question that may implicate confidential information until the president has had an opportunity to decide whether to assert privilege.
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Boy you sure like to post a steaming pants load of crap from time to time. Grasping for straws much?

Btw what kind of self respecting woman would defend a man like this?

In whose opinion...you? For whatever that is worth which isn't much.
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IG could not explain 18-day window between Ukraine call and whistleblower complaint: sources

By Catherine Herridge, Ronn Blitzer | Fox News

Whistleblower did not disclose contact with intel committee to inspector general, source says
Intelligence community watchdog Michael Atkinson reportedly says he did not have any independent or firsthand knowledge of contacts between the whistleblower and Democrat-led House Intelligence Committee; Catherine Herridge reports on the details.
Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, in testimony to House lawmakers about the whistleblower complaint on President Trump's controversial phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart, could not explain what accounted for the 18-day window between the July 25 call and the Aug. 12 complaint filing — or when exactly the whistleblower contacted a key Democrat's staff, sources familiar with the testimony told Fox News.
The whistleblower's contact with Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff's staff before filing the complaint in mid-August has prompted renewed scrutiny of Schiff.

I believe Adam Schiff will have to step aside because of his strange involvement and lying IG could not explain 18-day window between Ukraine call and whistleblower complaint: sources
Whistle blower did not have to disclose who he contacted. He wasn't the one breaking the law.

You are HOPING this is nothing, but most of America thinks that you are wrong.

At this point, the whistle blower has become irrelevant. The White House itself, has released the transcripts. You're saying that it was handled improperly? I'll agree with that, no way the WH should have been made privy since the complaint involved the president. Oh, but this part bothers you?

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It is privileged communication.
It is not classified. They did not discuss national secrets on that call.

They have every right to hide it.
Not on a classified server.

It is a use of publicly owned resources to hide politically damaging information.

And for Trump supporters to be OK with something like this in the wake of Hillary's emails requires special gall.


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True, but after calls to the President of Mexico and others were leaked, this was the response. Putting these memos in a more secure location.
Leaks are their own problem to solve, namely by locating and removing the leakers.

That server is exclusively for national secrets. Trump and Zelenskyy did not discuss such information. It is abuse of public resources.