Ilhan Omar: 'I truly believe' Fox News host Tucker Carlson is 'a racist fool'

Jun 2010


For starter's, he is attacking her for being Muslim.
Hate to burst your bubble but Muslim is not a race

You have no evidence of racism and after reviewing the entire thread NO ONE has been able to provide evidence that he is one

Back up the accusation or the op is in fact a proven falsehood.

And Muslim does not mean immigrant so back yourself up
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Jan 2007
Ilhan Omar: 'I truly believe' Fox News host Tucker Carlson is 'a racist fool'

there were hopes that Fox News would change it programing after it's changed up management. Instead, it's just doubling down on being the closest thing we have to state run media. So much so , that the President actually gets pissed off is they report anything that's doesn't advance his chosen agenda. There was a time when Fox News was actually tolerable. Not so much any more. They're playing with their third string player. Having lost their best talents. Save but a few. And , of course, Tucker is a racist.

Many truly believe Omar has sympathy for radical Muslim causes. Voted in by a large Somali population in her district, many of which have Sharia sympathies.

She is another poster child for democrats.


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Jan 2008
Excellent point too often forgotten (or more likely just ignored).

Shows like Carlson and Maddow are not news broadcasts. They are partisan opinion shows designed to generate particular demographics/audiences. Some hosts are better than others at pulling in viewers and manufacturing sponsor revenues.

But they can be entertaining to watch. We do learn some things. But their presentations are going to be heavily slanted....with "out of context" factoids quite common.

The argument that Fox is the same as the LW media is pure BS.
All media has a bias but only Fox News puts their bias above profit and broadcasts outright propaganda and lies.

Fox News is the voice of of our criminal aristocracy.
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Jul 2014
It wasn't that long ago that she tweeted out that Lindsey Graham was "compromised". Everyone took it as her referring to the rumors that Graham is gay. But all of a sudden, the same leftists who hear dog whistles everywhere went deaf as Omar was walking around playing a trumpet.
She has the right politics and she scores enough intersectionality points so the hard left will always ignore her bigotry.
So you, of all people, are doing "whataboutism"?

I'm no fan of hers by the way.

But that does not excuse Carlson's behavior towards her and his long history of pushing the white nationalist narrative.

Two wrong don't make it right.
Jan 2007
She supposedly married her brother in order to get entrance into the US.
False answers to the entrance questionnaire are grounds for expulsion and/or imprisonment and fine.

Yea, there are some legal and tax consequences surrounding her, though I don't expect anything to come of it. Being a Muslim double diversity she is all but free & clear.