Illegal Alien Gets No Jail Time And Small Fine For Killing FBI Agent And Fireman

Dec 2014
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Outrageous, travesty of justice.

Illegal Alien Gets No Jail Time And Small Fine For Killing FBI Agent And Fireman

It turns out liberals are right when they say that illegal aliens only sneak into America for a better life. In his native Guatemala Roberto Garza Palacios probably would have been executed for killing a law enforcement agent and a first responder, but here in the US he only faced a small fine and received no jail time. After killing a an FBI agent and a fireman with his car, this illegal alien was slapped on the wrist with a $280 fine and absolutely no time behind bars. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

In December of 2017 28-year-old Roberto Garza Palacios was driving in Maryland when he lost control of the vehicle and plowed into FBI Supervisory Special Agent Carlos Wolff and Maryland State Fire Marshal Sander Cohen, killing them both. Even if this was a simple accident, Palacios is an illegal alien and shouldn’t have even been in the country. He also caused the deaths of 2 American citizens. Surely there must be some harsh penalty awaiting this lawbreaking scumbag, right?

Not so much, as reported by WJLA:

A Maryland man who fatally struck an FBI agent and a fire marshal on the side of a highway has been convicted of negligent driving and paid a $280 fine.​

If he’s an illegal alien from Guatemala, he’s not a “Maryland man” he’s a “Guatemala man,” which sounds like the world’s worst superhero. Actually, considering what he did he’s more like a supervillain:

…28-year-old Roberto Garza Palacios served no jail time for his role in the December crash that killed Deputy Chief State Fire Marshal Sander Cohen and FBI Special Agent Carlos Wolff.​


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(You may have to open in an incognito window to avoid the paywall.)

The outcome is because, according to the article:

While he drove in a “careless and imprudent manner,” prosecutors found, his actions did not rise to a “gross deviation” from careful driving or a “reckless disregard” for human life — the conditions needed to support more-serious charges.
As to the OP article:

Perhaps a more credible source next time?
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Was about to post the WaPo version of the story.

Either interesting story. Certainly a tragedy for the families of the 2 dead public servants.
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If he's in the country illegally, by definition he's not innocent.
But it sounds like the prosecutors did follow the correct legal path with addressing the traffic deaths in this case.

Although it does appear Palacios is now on track to be deported for a variety of other reasons. (he should sort of count his blessings and just go.)
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I thought this was about the 3year old who shot himself.