Illegal gang member protected by California’s sanctuary laws viciously STABS woman to death in her home

Aug 2016
It does not and obviously, some here who have claimed to have read the law have not

The law names exceptions for serious and violent crimes both on state and federal levels.

These exceptions include:

  1. The person being arrested and taken before a magistrate for a serious felony or violent felony
  2. A conviction of a serious or violent felony
  3. A conviction or prior conviction where the person had to register as a sex offender or arson offender
  4. The person has misdemeanor convictions within five years that could be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. The list ranges from assault and battery to hate crime, stalking, and rape
  5. Convictions of federal crimes that are defined aggravated felony
  6. The person being convicted of a felony that was punishable by imprisonment
‘TRUST,’ ‘TRUTH,’ and ‘Values:’ 3 California immigration laws that impacted police
What good does that do when serious felonies such as rape and chid molestation have been downgraded in the CA. legal system to misdemeaners? They get a slap on the wrist and out the next day.
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Jun 2007
Yes I did... our national immigration laws. That's not a generalization. That is the law they are ignoring. That you must apply for citizenship to this country instead of sneak across our border.

If you need more specifics than that - then that is your own personal issue and not something I'm interested in trying to help you with.
No you did not. There are specific issues related to the immigration laws that need to be fixed. It is you that is running away from the problems by generalizing.
Sep 2013
On a hill
Illegals corrupt, labor, politicians, politics. One of the great curses on our society. The will to stop it has eroded away. Liberals have completely surrendered to them.

In my area there would be vast dumpy trailer parks , multi families living in a trailer. and libs claim they pay fortunes in taxes...bullshit. One trip to the emergency room for medical services or crap out a kid blows that up forever.
Crap out a kid?

Let me guess - right to lifer?