Impasse Blocks Effort to Fix Calif. Double-Voting Loophole

Nov 2010
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Impasse Blocks Effort to Fix Calif. Double-Voting Loophole

Impasse Blocks Effort to Fix Calif. Double-Voting Loophole | RealClearPolitics

Easing voting laws enacted to allow Californians to cast their ballots in a variety of ways -- to the point that any friend or stranger can drop off a ballot for other voters -- has coincided with a rising Democratic tide sweeping through once solidly red swaths of the state in the last two elections.
But in a surprise twist, election officials in one heavily Democratic county east of San Francisco have fought for three years to fix a serious procedural flaw in the Golden State’s voting system: Voters can cast two ballots.
It’s not just a hypothetical. There’s documented proof that more than a hundred voters cast at least two ballots in Contra Costa County -- and at least 75 others double-voted in a nearby county -- in the 2016 primary, even though the loophole isn’t so widely known that voters are purposefully and systematically exploiting it, election officials say.
I guess it is not fraud if the state allows it.
Nov 2018
Out of one side of Democrat's mouths, we hear that the Russian caused Hillary to lose in 2016. But, out of the other side of the mouth, they don't seem to care about widespread voter fraud. Every registered American citizen should be allowed to vote ONCE.

And, other things the left is doing is allowing illegals to vote, but they will deny this. It is so wrong, and I am concerned we are going to see millions of non-citizens voting in 2020 and many others voting two or three or even more times.
Dec 2014
The Milky Way
Too much and too long time frame for early voting, and too much absentee balloting. Dad came home from eight hours on the factory floor, picked up mom, and they went and voted on election day.

Use of palm prints, which read the blood vessels in your palm, should be the norm for voting. Set up kiosks, etc. as well as the usual voting stations, and allow people to vote in their state from anywhere in America. Absentee ballots thus reduced to the home bound rather than what it has become.

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And neither is Contra Costa County. Damn our old family friend, State Senator and Republican John A Nejedly (not to be mix up with his son which Wikipedia has done) served from there for almost four decades.
yeah ...took me a while , but it's changed now.
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There were 415,972 votes cast in Contra Costa county in 2016. If 113 of those votes were fraudulent, then we're talking about the loophole generating a fraud rate of 0.027%.

That's pretty damned low. Still worth closing the loophole, but it's not exactly a red-siren sort-of-thing.
Jan 2014
Contra Costa County is not a state .
The Watchman,

please, please, please, please, please read the supplied link before making such ill-informed and foolish statements:

"The ability to vote twice in most of California’s 58 counties stems from the system that gives voters a choice of casting ballots by mail or at the polls on Election Day and the option to switch back and forth between the two."

Hates it when you look the fool...:(