Increasing AntiSemitism in France


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Jun 2013
A 2-state solution is the only feasible option in the long run. Certainly a 1-state solution (such as advocated by Sarsour) is not at all viable. But there are no guarantees, and the Palestinian Arabs have to commit to peace, and they do not seem to want to do that.
Agree the 2 state approach is the only viable solution. Taking the Jewish aspect away by secularization won't work either. Israel needs to talk with the PA and with HAMAS. As it is, the only time talk happens is in crisis diplomacy. It absolutely must allow political demonstrations in Gaza and the West Bank that don't end in Israeli raids or snipers. In short, a carrot and stick approach with more carrot and less stick within a framework of agreed upon goals.

Militarily, the Palestinians don't represent an existential threat. They have homemade Qassam rockets lacking a guidance system, fire kites and homemade machineguns.

The two state solution faltered in the Camp David negotiations of 1999 (Ehud Barak, Yasser Arafat). Agreement was reached with the sole exception of the sovereignty at the very bottom of Temple Mount/Haram al Sharif.

Does Israel or the Palestinians have the will and political flexability to revisit that deal? I'm skeptical but it's the closest blueprint to peace we have.
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