Insurance and Pre and Post Scans on your Cars

Dec 2018
This is something new that you may be unaware of. But be afraid if you drive a modern vehicle with computer systems. Especially if you head to a body shop expecting insurance to pay for repairs. Because they WILL screw you.

Customer frustrated by State Farm refusal to pay for post-scan - Repairer Driven News

So. What are these? Vehicles used to throw codes if they had a problem. Not always. But you might see dashboard lights for malfunctions. And it was standard procedure to hook a scanner up. But now that newer model cars are being put out on the road with sensors and more computers than our early space explorers had involved in the entire process? New scanners had to be put out by manufacturers. Expensive ones. And they cost money to hook up and time to use.

But insurance doesn’t want to pay. They want to nickel and dime you. Primarily because if you get in to an accident? Those fancy computers could get damaged. And you would have NO clue until after repairs are done. Or it could be improper repair work too. And then insurance won’t pay. We are talking about repairs insurance could he on the hook for that cost $1000 or more.

So if you have a new model car and get in to an accident? Or any car? You need to read up on the repairs that are done on your vehicle and you need to pushback on the insurance company WHEN they try and screw you out of money. Because they will.