Intelligence may be an evolutionarily defective trait in comparison to beauty

Sep 2019
Evolution's bosom

As documented in "Survival of the Beautiful", while intelligence arguably aids the species in many areas, it may eventually find itself an evolutionarily reduntant trait, in comparsion to beauty or human creativity. As well as in the animal kingdom, in which a creature's beauty, such as a proud peakcock, is its defining mating trait, as opposed to thinking, reason, or intelligence.

Intelligence "fetishists" deify intelligence as an end in and of itself, but according to evolution, of course - intelligence is only a tool, or a means to an end, whether mating, social evolution or otherwise. If it doesn't serve said purpose, it's as useful as a human appendix, and as expendable as an old computer of outdated make and model.

This can be observed in some individuals with Asperger's syndrome, or autism spectrum disorders - who despite possibly having high technical intelligence, have deficits in emotional intelligence, and consequentially find themselves underemployed, or reduced to performing simple, repetitive tasks such as assembly line or certain computer jobs, hence their jealousy- sometimes they may even find their wife in bed with a more attractive stranger, he he he. While in comparison, an artist or entertainer, such as Luciano Pavarotti, or even a simple pop artist like Britney Spears, or pro athlete like Tom Brady - ironically ends up much more financially and romantically successful.

Beauty, contrary to superficial consumerist notions of the subject - such as "child beauty pageants" and similar rot - seems to represent the species' evolution at its peak, which of course, is why cultures, including Christian and "religious" ones are arguably superior approximations of reality to those of an atheist of the uglier variety, and will naturally dominate, in theory and practice, unless an idiotic atheist manages to up his creativity quotient on par with so-called "theists"

May 2016
Beauty is too subjective to be applied worldwide over a period of time long enough to influence evolution.Though Japanese women might be considered a local application of the hypothesis over a short period of time (before blondes).
Jul 2011
"Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder " is a time honoured aphorism which has served us well, and one is also reminded of these words by Leo Tolstoy - “It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness."

Furthermore, intelligence has enabled the evolution of mankind, even to the minuscule extent of being familiar with the spelling of 'redundant'. ;)