Intelligence -vs- Emotions



As I pay more attention to the political scene, I notice something. More and more candidates use emotionial speeches and seem to forget that %60 of us graduated High School. When Hillary cries (weather it's fake or not) and Barack tries to get us all sexually aroused and making people fake fainting with his great speech giving ability, does it matter?. I find the Republicans to be lacking in the emotions department even when it seems to matter most like during a tragedy or natural disaster. Some sport coaches/players cry over a stupid game they are over paid for and their tears are real. I believe Bush did tear up after 9/11 during some interviews. So which would you rather have? Someone who just shuts up and did their job and didn't worry about feelings or do we need these empty tears and lifting speeches? Would we rather be bulshitted (not a word I know) into believing the person has a grasp on things? Do we not get dissapointed when those who have the most impact on us emotionally, let us down?. Can anyone fault someone who doesn't have any personality but great intelect when it comes to a job so important as in our government?

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Politics is the business of selling leadership. If you cant impress people
with your ability to achieve you try to endear them with how much you

If you cant do either you become a bureaucrat.


You used to many big words.........I'm gonna go cry now :cryandrun: