Interesting how non Texas residents seem to know Texas

Sep 2013
On a hill
As a life long Texas resident, business owner and lover of all things Texas, I can tell you we won't go purple, we want the wall and you people who don't live in Texas don't know anything. Your liberal news wants to make it sound like we are all bailing on Trump but we are NOT! We are just as committed and in fact probably more so due to the lack of qualified politicians in your party. The wall isn't for keeping good people out. If you only knew how many die in tractor trailers every year including women and children. Sex trafficking, and drugs is at an all time high, The number of property owners on the border who reject the wall own the smallest amount of land. And the only reason Dems want to keep illegals coming in is to gain more votes. You would be surprised at the number of Hispanics in Texas who are republican. On a side note and with regard to republicans not being served in bars and restaurants in the USA because of their political associations, I hope you will remember that the Democratic Party did the same thing to our Black population requiring separate water fountains, sitting at the back of the bus, not being welcomed to eat in restaurants. I guess somethings never change.
Then i guess it would be republicans getting the hispanic vote in texas, not democrats.
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Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
Then i guess it would be republicans getting the hispanic vote in texas, not democrats.
The Wall is going to keep the tractor trailers out of Texas, uh huh...uh huh...the wall will also stop sex trafficking...magically, and the wall will stop all the drug traffickers, because they are all walking across the desert with a couple kilos of drugs in their pockets:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Reality says all of that shit is going on through the ports of entry and has nothing to do with a stupid ass wall...reality, a dirty word for wing nuts...

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