Interpreting Trump with the Science of High Motivation Roles


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According to the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA) each person has a limited number of motivated abilities. These are different than a variety of learned or "can-do" skills that a person can call on, but has less interest in actually using when they have the choice to use their motivated strengths. The following link describes the process.

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High Motivation Roles are a kind of application shorthand for Sima. And while we have insufficient data to develop a formal list for President Trump, we can reverse engineer a list as a discussion tool for the topic at hand. Keep in mind the principle that a person WANTS to use these roles. An immature or inexperienced person will see the world as an opportunity to use their HMRs and may struggle to see the world as it is. In other words, the hammer sees the world as a nail.

1) Provocateur

2) Publicity Catalyst

3) Entrepreneur

4) Entertainer

This short list (a full Sima report usually includes six or seven HMRs) is enough to use as an interpretive lens.

As is typical of any motivated driver, when the situation calls for them, the person appears to be perfect for the situation, gifted, a genius, admirable.

When the situation does not call for the HMRs, the person may appear to be imbalanced, off kilter, inappropriate, a fish out of water and to some observers, insane.

So a few simple questions emerge.

1) When have these High Motivation Roles served Trump and his customers well?

2) When have these High Motivation Roles created chaos, confusion and bad outcomes?
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1) Getting him past the boring Republican candidates, and the awkward Democratic nominee, and into the White House

2) a. During the campaign when his provocative language burned bridges he would need to create good will for his presidency
b. Practically every day since inauguration
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