Iran Executes Homosexuals

Jun 2013
So why aren't Democrats supporting regime change in Iran?
Are you suddenly on the side of LGBTQ?

That's a big turnaround. I thought Trumpians were all for condeming LGBTQ as immoral and want to make being any of LGBTQ as part of their campaign to "Make America Great Again"

Glad to hear you'll now be volunteering to fight Iran's human rights violations by putting on a uniform or having one of your children or grandchildren do the same.

BTW, what happens to gay folks in all the Muslim nations we call our allies and sell billions of dollars of arms to?

" Saudi Arabia, which does not have codified criminal laws.[6] According to the country's interpretation of sharia, a married man who commits sodomy, or a non-Muslim who engages in sodomy with a Muslim, can be stoned to death.[9] There were unconfirmed reports that two cross-dressing Pakistani nationals were killed by Saudi authorities in 2017, which Saudi officials have denied.[6]"

"United Arab Emirates: Legal experts disagree on whether the federal law of the United Arab Emirates prescribes the death penalty for consensual gay sex or only for rape.[9] Article 354 of the Federal Penal Code states: "whoever resorts to coercion in sexual intercourse with a female or homosexuality with a male, shall be punished by the death penalty."[13] A recent Amnesty International report claims that there are no instances of death sentences for homosexual acts."[9]

When do you start posting about the above nations?

In the U.S.? Some people like to take their own "law", into their own hands

When do you start posting about how terrible some Americans treat LGBTQ folks or how they are treated in other nations including the nation headed up by Trump's pal. You know, the one who confirmed he wanted Trump to win in 2016 and had his people work toward that end?

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Jun 2013
That is NOT what their citizens want.

And, why should we tamper with that?


Iran's muslim leaders present a threat to the entire Globe.

Giving them 150 Billion Dollars in unmarked currencies and a Green Light to Nukes is NOT the answer ....

Unless you're on their side of course.
Why not mention the Iran Contra-Affair and a the U.S. President at the time, saying we would not negotiate with terrorists, then someone in his administration, not just negotiating with them, but selling them arms while there was an embargo that banned selling arms to Iran, in place?

Honest people can see, if nothing else, the Iranians have fair reason to hold some mistrust for what American leadership at various times, has meant to their nation.

We know why you don't want to talk about these. Because it would blow holes in your attempted narrative.

The Iran Nuclear Deal was not done by Obama alone and it served to do the opposite of what you claim. It also was a step in the right direction to try to regain some trust with Iran who had some problems with our hypocrisy and trusting us, based on it.

Along comes the bully in a China shop, whose insecurity about himself (and need to pander for votes) ripped any modicum of regaining of trust in the western world, out from under not just Obama's efforts, but those of other nations.

Iran is now doing what? Reducing it's nuclear capacity or have they seen, thanks to Trump, all the more reason to achieve it faster than ever, to have the same baragaining chip we and any other nuclear nations have?

Anyone who declares themselves to be a "stable genius" is not only not to be believed, but suspected of having some mental issues, if only about their personal insecurities. When people believe someone who declares themselves to be a "stable genius", it is not only disturbing, but dangerous to see people so duped, unless of course, they aren't duped, but those who are trying to dupe others.

NO ONE on the planet could possibly be, all the things Trump declares himself to be. Those who believe it, are believing BS.
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