Is America the greatest country in the world?

is the USA the greatest country on earth

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Mar 2012
Hertfordshire, UK

is America the greatest country in the world?
if so why are they? if not why are they not and what holds them back?

is there even such thing as the greatest country in the world or is it just a propagandised notion aimed at boosting public morale?



Council Hall
Dec 2007
Pennsylvania, USA
America produces the best movies in the world. Hands down, no competition.
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Jul 2011
America produces the best movies in the world. Hands down, no competition.
LOL, that's a debatable claim and very much a matter of taste - I wouldn't cross the street to see the average Hollywood confection. :D

However, if one were to claim that the USA is a very worthwhile society, I would agree without hesitation, and it is without any doubt - the most powerful currently on earth. :)

But, despite various nationalistic fantasies, there is no such animal as 'the best/greatest country in the world' - and there never has been. We have all entertained jingoistic fantasies in our history, and we Brits indulged ourselves with the "Land of Hope and Glory", "Britannia Rules the Waves", type of claptrap for a couple of hundred years (all the while sending little children down mines and up chimneys). Having more firepower, or a bigger navy, than the next society simply means you have been able to get your hands, by hook or by crook, on more resources than that society. It says little about your worth as a human being.

And it should perhaps be recalled that how a society treats its least advantaged is a better measure of its worth, than how well the wealthy fare therein. :)
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Dec 2013
When you ask such a question about being the greates country in the world, does it mean that you have already some doubts ? And that you need to compare yourself to others to be confirmed in what is a matter of belief first and of statistics second ? Anyway, there is no real scale to measure greatness because it is for one part subjective and for another quantitative matters ... And it would be difficult to set one, because no one shares the same priorities.
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