Is homosexuality dangerous to society?


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Aug 2012
Maybe a stone age or tribal society.

But then, only if everyone is strictly gay, and not bi.

(Kinda got to "do the deed," in order to propagate the tribe/clan/city/state.....and if you are in a PRE-industrial society, you need to do a lot of that, as, sadly, children don't often make it to adulthood....)

And HIV is not a "gay-exclusive" disease.
Jun 2016
Actively gay men are still banned from donating. Only gay men that have not had homosexual sex in the last twelve months are allowed to donate blood.

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Hence, still a ban. When is the last time you went without sex for a year?

Southern Dad

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Feb 2015
Shady Dale, Georgia
are you saying theres no law against discriminating based on gender, race or sexual orientation?
Nope. You should work on your reading comprehension. Gender and race are protected classes by federal law, sexual orientation is not. Under federal law, you can be terminated for being gay.
Apr 2014
That's because you side made a case Gays are born that way with zero proof. They made a mistake and your telling me Straight people now have to prove they are straight. Its a false premise right off the get go.
Why can you say that straight people are born that way without proof?