Is retaining your job more important than retaining your honor?

Is retaining your job more important than retaining your honor?

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Jun 2013
Here’s the thing.

My personal honour is more important than any job.


Supporting and providing for my family IS more important than my honour. It is.

I’d crawl through shit naked while the town threw tomatoes at me and laughed, if it’s what I had to do to keep my kids fed, warm, and satisfied.

And that means I need my job.

So in the end, because I need my job to support my family, in a backwards way, keeping my job IS more important than my honour.
I believe there may be a need to define "honor" to put what you are saying and what the OP seems to be getting at, into alignment or perspective.

I don't know if what you describe you would do for your family describes something dishonorable, but perhaps the opposite,

I believe the context is doing something unethical, unjust, unfair or illegal, that harmed others, simply to hold on to a job. I don't believe anyone believes life is always fair and there are times when people face dilemmas and conundrums that present an unfairness to someone, but not because one chooses to be unfair to another, but the circumstances are such that unfairness cannot be avoided. If to be fair to one person, one has to be unfair to another, there is no choice that can be said to be fair. If ordered to intentionally target people to be unfair to, one's honor might mean they would stand with those who have been unfairly targeted and either stand up for them or go with them, if they have been unfairly fired.

I don't believe we're talking about doing things that hurt us, but having to do things as a result of our job, that harms someone else, unfairly, unjustly, unethically or generally in a way that is not honorable.

It's not a question that only applies to jobs, but to pretty much any facet of life. Basically, are we willing to trade away all our values, for what appears to be profitable to us, at a real harmful cost, to others.

A better example might be, would you continue to dump toxic waste in a river or next to people's residences, simply to retain your job? One of the best ways one might think of that is what if your family and your home was one of those residences that someone else, was dumping toxic waste, next to?

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