Is Russia grooming Tulsi Gabbard to run as a third party candidate in 2020?

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Sure you can. But when average Joes meet Russians in the US and automatically assume they are "Putin Plants" we have a problem.

I don't personally care much about the political stuff, about Trump and Putin are all that.

But, yeah, there actually IS genuine racism towards those from that part of the world by some in the West (more in Europe than here, on the American continent lol)

Whereby it is claimed that Russians aren't really white Europeans, but closer to Mongols, genetically and culturally. I have seen this expressed online.

Today, of course, Russia itself has somewhat embraced this narrative.

You can observe it in the way kids there are taught in their history classes at school about that 13th century, when Medieval Russia faced a Crusader invasion from Europe, coupled with Mongol Khan Batu (grandson of Genghis) advancing towards them on the other side; Tsar Alexander, who then ruled, made the decision to fight the Crusaders, and defeated them on the frozen Neva river, thus earning himself his nickname Nevsky (and later also Sainthood from the Orthodox Church, for successfully defending the Russian faith against the European Catholic heathen scum lol)

at the same time, though, he had to make a deal with Batu, whereby he submitted Russia as vassal to the Mongol (and later - Tatar) Golden Horde

This worked out well for Alexander himself, of course, Batu allegedly treated him nice, as modern movies and TV dramas about that period attest, wined and dined him

and even gave him a beautiful young Mongol princess as for a concubine

:D (Never mind that he already had a wife, but polygamy was widespread and perfectly normal back then, especially among the elites haha)

There is even a claim that Batu adopted Alexander as a son, though that is hotly contested and debated today by historians in both Russia and Mongolia lmao

Russia did get wide autonomy, full independence over her religion and other internal affairs, the city states and other communities simply had to pay a tax to the Mongols, called "Obrok"

Those who didn't want to accept the Mongol domination, were not so lucky, however, they were crushed mercilessly by force

It is said that Alexander defeated and killed his own brother for rising up against Khan Batu and the Horde... That's one of those little details you will definitely NOT find in the history textbooks, these days...

The dominant narrative today is thus: "When evil Invaders came from the West, friends came from the East to help our ancestors beat them back." And there is some truth to that, certainly. Even in that legendary Battle of the Neva, some accounts have Mongol and Tatar horsemen and archers battling alongside the Russians... Though, today, it is used and abused in propaganda that, don't trust Westerners, they are our enemies and always were...

But, yeah, there other side is no better. Yes, there were three hundreds years of domination by Mongols, (along with Tatars, Kazakhs, Uighurs, and others from Asia, who came to Russian lands back then, with the Horde). There was intermarriage and blood mixing, absolutely. Among Russians themselves, there is a joke saying that, "You rub any of us (any Russian), you will find a Tatar underneath" lmao

But now, you genuinely, I have seen it, have racist Europeans, mainly, again, online, calling Russians "Mongols" and such, due to this history.

Very unhelpful, too, IMHO
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Don't know about Russia but I knew about this early on. ;)