Is society as oppositional as Political Hotwire?

May 2013
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Is the real world defined by opposing factions or are we a distortion of real world politics?
Well yea it is. It's been the goal of the mass media and politicians for decades and it's finally succeeded to "divide and conquer." Why do you think the average dipshit American thinks the three branches of government are the Army, Navy and Air Force? You dumb down the masses, make them intellectually fat and lazy, then you control them.


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Jul 2007
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No. Most people are pretty apolitical. Most people have an opinion one way or the other about issues, but don't feel strongly enough to debate about them or even vote.
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Mar 2007
I mostly agree with Babba, but I also think that the zealous minority that wants to give money and pulverize their opponents is shaping the battlefield and the engagement.
May 2012
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Not at all.

The liberals you see here, spewing all their change BS and support of the poor and minorities, never actually do anything in the real world where it may take some effort.

Do as I say, not as I do, is their motto.
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Mar 2012
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I agree with Babba that most are apathetic, but of those I know who do vote and care, they have been louder and more critical of politics. We routinely have political "spats" at work on a daily basis now. Certainly not as over the top as here because its real life though.
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