Is the hammer and sickle as offensive as the swastika or the confederate flag?

Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
So then why do we care about the holocaust? They didnt put americans to any number in said camps or gas them.

Bu your logic if seems you shouldn’t be as offended by the symbol, yet, we should ban the union jack.
Ban it on public property, sure. Attach a social cost to displaying it on private property, sure.
Mar 2019
Our minds work in many ways. Belief can range from something minor to something very powerful, like good faith. Knowledge can be powerful, if correct, but the part of knowledge called awareness is often more important at times. Sometimes what we think is knowledge can be manipulated by others who know the same knowledge, but pretend it isn't so. Awareness lives with us, if we use our brains to have it.
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The Man

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Jul 2011
Not really. But Soviet soldiers did not kill hundreds of thousands of American soldiers.
Soviets and Americans did kill each other in Korea and Vietnam. I know for a fact Soviet fighter jets flew in both conflicts. And I have read about Red Army and KGB special forces working in Vietnam during that time also...
Feb 2010
between Moon and NYC
No, I didn't say that. What I said is that the level of offensiveness of any particular symbol depends upon the POV of the individual observer. Is the Confederate flag a banned symbol in any nation? I'm not aware of any such prohibition.

At a societal level, the confederate flag is effectively banned now. One can expect to be shunned and labeled a racist should they dare to display it in public.

That is a fairly recent development (last decade?) and was declared by a select group of the self righteous.

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