Is this real, or a fractal like picture?

Jun 2011

It is real. And it is living.

From NIKON Small World 2011:

"Alien creatures? No, this 20x confocal microscopy image reveals the intrinsic fluorescence in a plant known as the "little hands" liverwort (Lepidozia reptans). The leaves of the tiny plant look like ... you guessed it, little hands. This image from University of British Columbia biologist Robin Young won fourth place in the Nikon Small World contest."

You can see the pic here on MSNBC.

And you can see the whole slide-show here.

I say, the world is just full of wonders to behold. Wow. Wow. Wow.
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Nov 2010
There was a microscope saleman at the university I worked at that would have a contest where he would show a bunch of common things magnified under the microscope and you would have to guess what it is. It was pretty cool and if I remember I did pretty well


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Jun 2007
The slide show is awesome!!

My favorite:

it's a 42x view of unpolished, agatized dinosaur bone cells, dating back about 150 million years. T


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Jan 2010
I was thinking chocolate with caramel sauce. Must be why I like it so much. :)

mmmmm ..... and yecccchhhhh! at the same time. I'm seeing the chocolate and caramel sauce, and now I want some. But I still see the egg. And, really, it just doesn't go with the chocolate and caramel sauce, in my imagination. It's disturbing. LOL !