Is Trump responsible for inciting crazy supporters to violence?


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Jan 2008
A smart member asked me if Superman was responsible for kids jumping out windows and thinking they could fly?

My answer would be YES.....if the Superman character was telling kids to try it....and even offering to pay their medical bills if they get hurt. (Trump offered to pay the legal bills of anyone who assaulted his "Enemies" at his rallies)

The Trump hate rallies are designed around Trump's ability to incite RAGE in his supporters at specific "Enemies" of his.
Any media that carries these rallies live is aiding and abetting Trump's madness. (even Fox no longer carries these hate rallies LIVE)
May 2012
By the wall
There was nothing hateful at the rally I attended.

Seemed more like a celebration than anything else.
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Feb 2011
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Mixed feelings about this.

I wouldn’t say he is responsible because people should and need to be held accountable for their own actions. To blame Trump for his “crazy” supporters acts is a bit of a stretch.

That being said, he should be held accountable for lowering the standards of political discourse thru his virulent philippics. No President has ever spoken in public like this that I’m aware of. He has contributed to this nations tribalism.