Islanders and their fans beatdown of Tavares and the Leafs

Nov 2010
Still riding a high from last nights game. Oh man, did the Islanders fans rain down abuse on Tavares the entire game, his return to the Island after leaving fans with their dicks in theri hands. I watched on TV and the crowd noise the entire game was deafening, the Islanders fed off that and absolutely crushed the Leafs.

NY fans are hysterical, chants of "asshole", "We don't need you" and many others were going on the entire game. One of my favorites is "it's your bedtime" near the end of the game, which is refernece to his tweet the morning after he signed with leafs wearing leafs pajamas. Was truly amazing to watch, the games at the Nassau Coliseum this year have been so loud

Anyway, for those that are not familiar, Tavares was our savior, our captain. He was coming up to free agency, was indecisive, and told team not to trade him and then last minute signed with the Leafs.So he kind of deserved it. If he had said he was going to leaf, he would have returned to ovations.