Israel may bar Omar, Tlaib from entering country over support of BDS movement


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Dec 2007
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It gets a bit tricky.. Palestinians cannot export anything they produce without going thru an Israeli … Same for the Golan apples..
Well, the Palestinians are in a declared state of war with Israel. The West Bank and Golan have eased up on the war rhetoric - to an extent, so Israel has let up on economic restrictions - to an extent.

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If people are a threat to national security its not a wish, it should be mandatory. People that hate America should be booted out of the country

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Old Soviet Union used to do that to dissidents, back in the 60s and 70s, those especially too famous to lock up in GULag prison camps or psychiatric facilities or to simply kill quietly; it would cause too much of a stink.

Strip em of citizenship and exile em abroad.

That's how Solzhenitsyn ("GULag Archipelago" author) and many others ended up in America or Europe...

Modern Russia kinda still does that too. Knodorkovsky, etc...

But, their dissidents go to the West.

Where are you gonna send yours, up here, to Canada? Don't get me wrong, we would gladly take such truly fine people :)