It May Be Too Late for LGBT People - The SCOTUS Event Horizon

Feb 2015
individual responsibility ya know. No one is to blame for suicide but for the person themselves.

No one remembers deaths of others that mean nothing to them. This death would have gone buy like the rest of the suicides in this country but for it being one of your pet obsessions. Or are you posting about all of the other teens how have jumped in front of trains the past few years.

Southern Dad

Former Staff
Feb 2015
Shady Dale, Georgia
Young trans girl commits suicide. Media is reporting it like it was an "accident". The truth may never come out. This is just one way in which we are constantly erased. One of the most common ways. Even our deaths are quickly forgotten as if we never mattered at all.

The only reason I know who the victim was and why they did it is because of my trans friends in Sacramento.

Pedestrian in fatal freight train collision identified as Auburn woman
Hold on here, the media that you are railing against, that you feel is lying, is the Sacramento Bee. That's a McClatchy paper that is about as liberal as they come. They endorse Dianne Feinstein, Ami Beri, and Jessica Morse. This is a very Democrat paper.