It's almost football time!!!

Nov 2010
Best time of the year. Sundays consisting of watching football for 12+ hours and monitoring my fantasy football team. God I love football! And lets go Giants!! Woohoo!!!!

And if anybody wants to know how to make great wings, its easy.

1. Deep fry the wings for about 12 minutes
2. Get Franks Red Hot WING sauce- add 1/2 stick of butter per bottle and warm up to melt butter
3. Add to the wings.
4. If you want good bleu cheese for this, Litehouse Blue cheese (located in the produce area) is very good, comes in chunky or not.

it amazes me more places here in Denver (horrible wings, not one has even come close to the wings I make above) don't get it. It's easy, franks buffalo wing sauce is all you need for fantastic wings.


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Apr 2007
Pfft, they aint shit. 3rd best team in the division. maybe Skins will be better with mcnabb

still annoyed they trade him in division, making the skins better
I love 5, but he looks terrible so far in the pre-season. They are #2 in the division
Feb 2010
The Peenalopes

Story behind that is it was my guitar hero band name. Peenalope coming from Club Dread when one of the characters grabbed her boob while looking at the name tag for Penelope and said "Peen a lope"
Very cool.

My team is the Midget Handjob.
Apr 2010
How bad ass are those Young Guns gonna be..?
Well I love the Eagles but count myself as a rational Eagles fan. They got some terrific young weapons on offense but they've got a first year quarterback. I think Kolb is going to be good but he'll have his ups and downs this season. Tbe o-line is a question mark but they got veteran Herremans back this week and when Jackson gets back in September I expect that to improve. I think the defense will be better than last year and the pass rush improved. I do think they'll be the third best in the division but two things: 1) I would not be surprised if they did better than my low expectations and 2) the season after is where I think a lot of Little Blue fans (sorry Sampson) are gonna be boo hoo hooing. Cowturd fans too. :f_laugh: This is a team on the rise again.