It's here=Russian Collusion by Trump Campaign=hop, skip and a jump to Trump himself n

Sep 2016
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You now have the former chairman of the Trump campaign charged with conspiring with a suspected Russian intelligence operative. That’s quite astounding."

Friday's indictment marked the first time that Mr Kilimnik, who in previous court filings was referred to only as "Person A", was named. Mr Mueller has said Mr Kilimnik has links to Russian spy agencies, an allegation Mr Kilimnik denies
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Jul 2007
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This coupled with Trump's slow walking the Russian sanctions and his tariffs and wanting Russia back in the G7 and members of his campaign having all those meeting with Russians have all convinced me that he is working for Putin. I have no doubt in my mind at this point. He is a traitor and I've been hesitant to use that word up until now. But that's what he is and it will all come out one day. I just wish Mueller would hurry up.
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