Its just business...



I was readin some stuff today, and it posed a question:

Why has America (for that matter, the world), turned into this:
People don't try to make any money. They try to take money from other people.

Like the real-estate thing. You buy a house, fix it up some, and then sell it for a much higher price.
You take the creativity out of it. Essentially, you are just acting out the motions, or following in the patterns, of someone else who set something in motion awhile ago.

The creativity of making money, actually creating wealth, is gone.

What you think?


Although there are many "followers" who do just that, there are still many creative folks too. As an example, I interviewed a man today who invented a specialized golf machine for elderly and dissabled people (not for competition). It uses an air compressor in a golf bag to shoot the ball in the direction you want with the force you want instead of swinging a golf club. For some people who had to give up their golf games being unable to swing a club, this is a god-send. Of course, it can't be used for a putt though.

There still exists people trying to make the world a better place through creativity, and earn a living doing so.