It's probably going to be harder to nail old Alan now.

Apr 2018
New Hampshire
Just heard Alan Dershowitz calling all of his accusers liars. He is out there using the time tested declaration that "I am not like the others". Everybody knew what Jeffrey Epstein was all about twenty years ago. What he was all about was procuring underage girls for the pleasure of powerful men who walked on the wild side. It's almost funny to hear Dershowitz swearing that his relationship with Epstein was purely professional. Dershowitz must have been quite a sight as he sat diligently reading lawbooks at Epstein's NY abode, on his plane, the "Lolita Express" and the private island where the dirty deeds went down.

Dershowitz is no fool; he has draped himself as the voice of reason as he makes the rounds on CNN and Fox News but questions linger about why a man of his education and stature would associate with a pedophile pimp. He can't hide it; there are pictures of him with Epstein at the height of the sordid underage sex trafficking frolics. Out of all the participants engaged in the exploitation of girls who were not yet adults he was apparently the only one who had a professional interest in Epstein's ventures. Boy, you've really got to be into law not to see goings on like all those massages-see the porn channel on your computer.

Old Alan is a slippery character but he can't go back and erase history. Will he go down? We shall see.

Alan Dershowitz’s Accuser Swears By Her Story Of Sexual Misconduct