It's Two, or more, Consenting Adults

Nov 2009
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I've worked as a police officer. So I've worked with prostitutes. I would counter with this:

"I think break and enter for theft should be legal. If two consenting adults agree that one of them should be able to go into the other one's houses and get something, that's between them. I should be able to let a friend get something from my house."

See what I did? I described a harmless thing and called it by the name of a crime, and in that way made the crime sound harmless.

If there's ever some fantasy, science fiction fairy dust pixie unicorn land where prostitutes are doing a job for their own money - that they keep - then sure, yes, in that completely fantasy world, prostitution would be harmless.

We do NOT live in that world.

If you actually, genuinely don't know what is going on when you use a prostitute - then get down on your knees and thank God, with tears... grovel in thankfulness that you don't know. Because you'd probably kill yourself if you ever found out.

People who've been sexually and physically abused 10 to 40 time a day since they were six years old can be very, VERY good at hiding it from the John who's 50 bucks is going to get her not kicked in the face a couple times tonight.

I've interviewed dozens of prostitutes for statements.

If you gave me a choice of using one sexually or cuttng off my own finger. I'd do the finger.

She's suffered enough.
And if sex for money was legal these sex workers would be free to call 911 and have their abusers arrested, then most likely sued. If legal the police and the legal system would be on their side and not against them.

Those poor ladies that have been subjected to sex abuse most of their lives and now do it for drugs or to not being beaten, is sad. Beyond sad. If the trade was legal most of these "worker" would have a way out or at least a way of getting help as needed. The story you tell is only because the trade is illegal and forced underground.
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Nov 2009
Flower Mound, TX (In the basement)
Yes. It is illegal because the government doesn't make any taxes off of the business.
That's now, and only because it is illegal. If it were legal, there is no reason come from the trade would not and could not be taxed. There would be just as many tax cheats as now.
Nov 2009
Flower Mound, TX (In the basement)
There are brothels in Nevada. In parts of Nevada it's legal. Not Vegas, but that doesn't stop these little cards being given to you all the time with pictures of escorts you can call.
Yes, it is illegal, but why? There is no reason for this trade to be illegal. I think it is illegal because there is always more money to be made for gangsters, LE, and politicians than if it were legal.


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Dec 2007
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IMO, the problem is that the prostitution trade by its very nature lends itself to genuinely immoral crimes such as sex trafficking, various forms of abuse, etc.

Is it possible for prostitution to "work?" Yes - but it requires extraordinary effort to keep it reasonably safe for all parties involved. And those places where it IS successful through regulation have one thing in common - they're small. Small countries. Individual cities. In the U.S., prostitution is legal and highly regulated in only one state (Nevada). And the number of brothels? 21. And all 21 are in rural counties; I don't think any of the brothels are in urban centers. By keeping the number of licensed brothels down, they're easier to effectively regulate and manage.
Nov 2009
Flower Mound, TX (In the basement)
That's because if the trade was legal the crime bosses, the Law Enforcement and the politicians wouldn't make much money off of it. Money, a damn good reason to keep it illegal.
Jun 2011
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p.s., ...and no one cares about the workers.
No one cares about the workers, that is true. The regulations are all to protect the Johns. The ladies who work in brothels are subjected to STD testing but not the Johns. They have trouble renting places to live because they have to wear a Scarlet Letter.

We had a prostitute that lived here. No pimps, none of that. I guess she did referrals or ads on craigslist or something.
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Jun 2010
New York Rep. Anthony Brindisi’s aide was charged with hiring prostitute, 17: police

Granted she was just 17 but let's put that aside and get to the bigger issue....prostitution.

In my opinion, I see no reason why the sex trade, conducted by willing adults is illegal. The only reason I can think of why it is, is wives. If two people meet at a bar, a party, walking on the street, and they decide to have sex, of what business is it of the government?

I'll answer that......NONE!

So why, if one of the partners, wants a bit of money first? It is still two, or more, consenting adults. Some want a few dollars to have sex. Some want a ring, a wedding, a house and a car. They are still giving up the same thing.

I say again, there is only one reason that sex for a gratuity is illegal.....and that is wives.

p.s., Please don't give me the sex trade crap. If sex was legal why would there be a need for illegal sex trade. As a business model it would just go the way of the buggy whip business.

Am I wrong?
Yes I think you are wrong about one thing.

It is not WIVES who keep it illegal it is feminists who may or may not be married.

Feminists have ceased to be about equality for a long time now. They are commuted to misandry and marxist authoritative control over others. Prostitution is a victimless crime and represents everything feminists hate. It represents men and women controlling themselves and serving no one else's idea of right/wrong

Other than that you are absolutely correct.

Consider that most forms of prostitution are perfectly legal,. Payment for ANYTHING does not have to be limited to money. Trades for sex happen all the time. Some college students trade it for a better grade. Some sales people trade it to close a deal. Some employees trade it for a promotion or raise or better job assignment or even just to get hired. Some wives trade it to their own husbands to get something like a new car or new wardrobe or whatever.

It is only for money that it is made illegal. Evangelical christians oppose it for obvious reasons but feminists oppose it because number one it represents women making their own choices which feminists hate. They only want women making choices THEY approve of. Number two it represents men being free of control. Rather hard for someone to leverage a guy with sex when he can just go out and buy it,
Jun 2010
You are very wrong...LOL Do you think that women just marry men for a diamond, nice house and car? Do you think that men just marry women for sex? You seem to be saying that wives are just legalized prostitutes. Wow...:mad: Women can just buy those things for themselves.
Women can buy those things for themselves.

They do not want tothey wish to have them given to them

Hence very very few women will marry a man who makes less money
Jun 2010
It leads to crime.
Prostitutes are often abused and have no protections.
It devalues property.

It's also illegal because that is what the public wants. Many will say it should be legal, but ask them if it should be legal in their backyard and all the sudden the story changes.
This is why where it is legal, it is out of sight.

I'll give you the sex trade crap all day because you are ignoring that it primarily involves children.

You are pretty much wrong on every word you wrote.
Prostitution does not lead to crime.

Making it illegal leads to crime such as the abuse or prostitutes by pimps.

The sex trade is crap because it may involve children as you say but most prostitutes are not victims of human trafficking and not all victims of human trafficking are prostitutes