It's Two, or more, Consenting Adults


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Jun 2007
New York Rep. Anthony Brindisi’s aide was charged with hiring prostitute, 17: police

Granted she was just 17 but let's put that aside and get to the bigger issue....prostitution.

In my opinion, I see no reason why the sex trade, conducted by willing adults is illegal. The only reason I can think of why it is, is wives. If two people meet at a bar, a party, walking on the street, and they decide to have sex, of what business is it of the government?

I'll answer that......NONE!

So why, if one of the partners, wants a bit of money first? It is still two, or more, consenting adults. Some want a few dollars to have sex. Some want a ring, a wedding, a house and a car. They are still giving up the same thing.

I say again, there is only one reason that sex for a gratuity is illegal.....and that is wives.

p.s., Please don't give me the sex trade crap. If sex was legal why would there be a need for illegal sex trade. As a business model it would just go the way of the buggy whip business.

Am I wrong?
Agreed. Same with drugs. Americans should have unrestricted bodily autonomy . If you can't be in charge of your own body, how can you possibly think you're free?
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