Jeffrey Epstein’s IT contractor reveals the MANY 'GIRLS' on his VI property: Named by LOCALS, "Pedophile Island"

Jul 2015
I will share this! As I was typing out VIRGIN Island, for the very first time it occurred to me after 8 days, maybe EPSTEIN only wanted VIRGINS. Is that what is going on here? From the first day I saw all his residences listed, I was sure N MEXICO went digging. I had no idea what the laws were in the VI. He's now 4 for 4. FLA, NY, NM and the VI. Young girls everywhere. Topless on a private island. Does anyone here think TRUMP didn't go down and check THAT OUT?​
Put in the general population and let the the MALE inmates fuck him till he dies.​
Jeffrey Epstein’s IT consultant reveals he saw girls who ‘couldn’t have more than 15 or 16’ on private island
8 hours ago on​
July 18, 2019​
ABC News broke a story just after midnight Thursday about a former IT consultant of Jeffrey Epstein’s who resigned because he couldn’t take some of the things he was seeing on Epstein’s private island compound.
The island, which has been called “pedophile island” by locals, had “topless women everywhere.
“There were photos of topless women everywhere,” said contractor Steve Scully, who began working for Epstein in 1999 and continued for six years. “On his desk, in his office, in his bedroom.”
Scully, who is a father of three girls, called the island “Little St. James,” though near St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
He explained that Epstein wanted to ensure that there was internet and phone access everywhere on the 72-acre island, including a “secluded cove” that Epstein called “the grotto.” Scully said he wasn’t surprised since Epstein was a financial advisor and “never wanted a call to drop” due to the digital coverage....