Jeffrey Epstein dead


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Haven't heard any details on how he was hanged. This is a very confined and controlled environment. People, times, routines, items in cell.
But, as I wrote above, the facility is underfunded and understaffed. It is supposed to be a very confined and controlled environment. But it's not because of the underfunding and understaffing.
Mar 2015
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YOu just did, everyone is speculating, no one is saying "this grand conspiracy happened".

But here is what I think happened. they took him off suicide watch, moved his cell mate out, and handed him what he needed to end his own life, knowing he would do so.

That to me seems plausible.
I speculated that I don't know and neither do you. I speculate further, that Epstein was a bad man who does not deserve us taking about him so much


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no one is saying "this grand conspiracy happened".
gentle reminder: I am.

in a world where income inequality is more extreme than it's ever been, and the ultra-rich have cultivated powers dwarfing those of the ancient gods, whereas we get to push a red or blue button every so often on a magic voting machine and hope for the best, it's not so much that conspiracy is possible or impossible, it's more that occam's razor suggests it must be the default assumption.

this guy had a billion dollars and blackmail power over what would appear to be a comprehensive cross-section of politically powerful institutions spanning the western world. Yeah, i'm so sure he choked himself with a sheet on the frame of a bunkbed.
Mar 2015
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Haven't heard any details on how he killed himself. What did he use, how did he do it? How were those items made available? Does the jail cell allow for that to happen...tying something to the wall and jumping off to strangle yourself. What item was still attached to his neck, was he still dangling when found. Show us the pictures.
This information was available immediately after his suicide. He hung himself with a sheet. You have done zero research into this and then wanting to know why you were left in the dark.
Mar 2015
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THOR...IMO Epstein was murdered. But that's just my opinion.
We will never know how Epstein died. We'll be told something completely asinine, yet remotely plausible.
Then it'll be quietly swept under the rug, and all the powerful people...all over the globe...will heave a collective sigh of relief.
Right, like the Kennedy assassination! Even though the truth was completely obvious, we can't know because.....the internet...

What makes me skeptical that this was murder is the fact that people so desperately want this TO BE murder. It's like, if he was murdered, than Clinton HAS TO BE A PEDO. Of course, if Epstein was found to be involved with some kind of underaged sex ring, Trump's name would certainly come up, but the same people will deny that he was involved.

This is a familiar script.....
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Jul 2019
I'm always surprised when lay people from the safety of their homes etc think prisons are such orderly utopian institutions. I mean what could possibly go wrong in a facility housing thousands of disorderly felons many of whom are determined to kill staff and each other.?
They left his cell open and he wandered in and out naked.