Jennifer Granholm Gets Current TV Show


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Jan 2010
Jennifer Granholm Gets Current TV Show

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is getting her own show on Current TV.

The network announced the show on Wednesday. It will be called "The War Room with Jennifer Granholm." Granholm's new show will premiere in January and focus on Election 2012 coverage. It will air at 9 PM, directly following Keith Olbermann's "Countdown."

Granholm's addition to the Current TV lineup marks the next step the network is taking to rebrand its programming. Olbermann has made no secret of his desire to launch a show after his. With the addition of Granholm to the lineup, Current now has three straight hours of news programming in the evenings. Besides Olbermann, Cenk Uygur is due to launch a 7 PM show on the network.

According to Current TV, Granholm's show "will feature in-studio commentary by political insiders, campaign veterans, opinion leaders and newsmakers whose unique perspective will inform and inspire."

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Interesting! Love Jennifer Granholm.


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Jul 2007
So. Md.
I really like her, too. She can be a tad moderate for my tastes sometimes, but I'm glad to see she's got this going on.
Feb 2011
Boise, ID
She doesn't have much of a reputation in my home state (MI). Obama seems to like her though. Almost gave her a seat at the SCOTUS.
Feb 2011
Interesting! Love Jennifer Granholm.
I lived in Michigan all 20 years of my life.

You wouldn't love her, if you had.
Infact, you'd RUE the day she swam across Lake Superior.

I'm not a Republican or fiscal conservative (or social for that matter), but I know damn right that the reason Michigan tanked isn't because they elected a Canadian... or a Democrat for that matter.
and It's not former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatricks' fault either.

Well, the current governor certainly isn't any more popular.
I question the authenticity of reality, simply because Snyder got elected in one of the bluest damned States in the Country.
Apr 2011
My mother's womb, of course.
(I) Doomsday;16368 and It's not former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatricks' fault either.[/QUOTE said:
Ol' Kwame, is he still in jail? What a nut!