Jesus Christ: Who would you say he is?

Jun 2013
To some I would say Jesus was someone who taught humans how to best live in peace and harmony together and they follow and live or try to live, by his example, which in turn, acts as the means others may follow, if they find it virtuous. They don't try to convert others of force others to believe, as they do.

To others, he seems to be someone they claim to follow and believe in what he taught, even as their actions often reflect the opposite.

To others, he is someone they claim to believe in and follow or even be "close to" as in claiming to preach his "word" even as their actions reflect something closer to those who are exploiting the ignorant to their own personal profit. They aren't religious, nor do they believe in God or Jesus as superior (godlike) entities, but they see the power they can adopt for themselves from claiming some representation to God/Jesus and exploit that power to enrich themselves. They use scapegoats to make their "congregations" feel empowered over others and as a means to manipulate the congregation to feed their personal enrichment. Those that obsess about certain "sins" (to empower their congregation) while totally ignoring their own sins or the sins of others, are probably a sign one is not really believer in Christ or a real preacher, beyond preaching how people can find "salvation" by sending dollars to their bank account.


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Jul 2007
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A legendary man named Jesus may well have existed who said and did some things that made people believe he was the Jewish God's son. We only know about him based on stories passed down and these stories began to be written down several decades after Jesus' death. Some weren't written down until more than 100 years after His death. It is difficult to know the real Jesus because of that. We can only take the word of the men who wrote the stories down and the translations since then.
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