Jews protest border camps

Oct 2011
Washington State
That's not an objection made by me, it's a strawman you've employed to avoid the point. That was transparently stupid by you. Oh, and it's "than", not "then". Try not to advertise your poor education so glaringly, please.
Straw man is two words genius. You voted for Trump, that says enough about your poor education.
Jul 2011
Seriously. He corrected me on the words then and than. But go ahead and defend him just like you do Trump.

......and don't ever comment on staying on topic again. Sheesh!

That's called being a hypocrite.

I think what it's called you are doing is having a hysterical tantrum. I've commented on the topic, have you or have you just been mouth foaming "Trump"?
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Apr 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
I am subjected to every fucking hit piece ever published by National Review aand Judicial Watch that are sourced continouesly on this site by your fringe right wing brethren, if you have a problem with the facts in the Vox article get to posting and debunking, if you are just source trolling, get bent.
Lol, a source troll is upset that someone used his one trick against him.