Joe Biden Says He’s “Spent a lot of Time” with Kim Jong Un…He’s Never Met The Man

May 2013
N Oregon Coast
Well, if says so ... Gotta be true!
excal - only the BEST sources!! :lol:

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Yes. He's too old. Also he's too careless and has always been like that.

No. He'll beat Trump anyway. Also, Trump is showing signs of age, has plenty of his own gaffes, and you definitely can't believe what he says unless its corroborated by a diverse group of folks, not on his nickel.

Yet I don't see you worried that Trump is going to hand the election to the Dem, even when he meets the same concern you post about the Dem. ;)

Im not worried. Trump isnt my guy.

Biden wont beat trump though.

Mayor pete could if he can convince blacks and latinos to for the gay guy.....
May 2013
N Oregon Coast
But I'm reminded of Trump's bogus claims of having a relationship with Putin, including the fact "that I got to know him well when we were both on the same episode of 60 Minutes."
Except that Putin's segment was taped in Moscow.
Donald also claimed that he knew "hundreds of people who died on 9/11" - But has yet to name even ONE. :)
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