Jon Stewart made a surprise cameo with Colbert last night!

May 2013
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Thought about putting this in humor, but it's beyond that. Jon becomes decidedly serious toward the end.

Puts the feelings that 2 out of 3 Americans have about Trump into verbal poetry.

Gleeful cruelty and dickishness? LoL :1thumbup:

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Aug 2011
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There is no more late night comedy. It's therapy sessions for leftists now.
Exactly. Also, I had not heard of "Clown Nose On / Clown Nose Off", until Mac wrote it. So credit to Mac.

Late Night TV is for the 20% of Americans that need therapy, because their politics is their religion and reality does not concur with their beliefs. I used to watch Carson when I was young and Hall / Letterman growing up, and then they decided they were all Left wing politicos. I hung out still for a bit, until they were challenged and their response was, "but I'm just a comedian". What the hell? Man the fuck up if you are going to start pushing ideology on the masses.


Next to Letterman, Jon Stewart became the biggest tool in the box and would claim comedian status when challenged. Their shows are for people that don't want their beliefs challenged. They have permanently turned off 80% of Americans. Those that adore the little brainwash sessions don't even realize most people think Late Night TV is for closed minded fools.

They have destroyed the legacy of Carson and sadly Letterman was a big part of it.
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