Jordan Sued

May 2019
It just keeps getting more and more difficult to tell ordinary traitors from the bots and trolls these days. :think:
It is especially when they were never trumpers before HE got enough primary votes for the nomination.
Sep 2016
My own world
Isn't it tneresting the whistleblower has no name nor does the new Jordan accuser John Doe? Jordan will be replacing Nunes and John Doe comes out of the woodwork. This is just too damn funny. You cannot make this sh*t up.
What about the other people that have ID'd themselves and put statements on record that Jordan knew because he was told of the Doctor's inappropriate behaviour and sill he did nothing.
Apr 2012
Its always a conspiracy when someone on the right is accused of bad behavior. 177 students were Strauss’s victims and Gym, the assistant coach, knew nothing? If that’s the case, then he’s the stupidest motherfucker on the planet and should resign for that reason alone.
Up to 300 now.
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Apr 2012
If this type of thing was a singular person, but this type of targeting has been going on against anyone supportive of or supported by Trump.

I wish the push was to actually counter policies, not trying to defame people until they just disappear from the public discourse.

This tactic is one that does work, but it has diminishing returns, and frankly, has been tried so many times that, I almost don't blame Republicans for looking at this accusations and just face palming in a "not this shit again" type fashion.
That my friend is a crock. Jordan has been exposed as covering up abuse during his 7 years as Assistant Wrestling Coach at Ohio State where the Doctor has 300 abuse cases against him. BTW, he committed suicide.

It has nothing to do with Trump!
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Jun 2015
Hudson Valley
I feel like this forum has a few Russian trolls / bots on it.
I mean , seriously ...

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I wonder who they could be? Are they some of these horrendous looking avatars or their weird screen names? They crack me up using politicians names and their likenesses. I guess when you need to keep the country divided and the nonsense going. Oops - did I say that? You need of all of that to keep the fervor going in these posts.
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