José Mourinho falls down at hockey game lol

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Jul 2011

For those who don't know who the guy is, he is a legendary Portuguese footballer and coach/manager: José Mourinho - Wikipedia

He is much loved in Russia, in big part because years ago now, he coached and mentored a young Denis Cheryshev (at right)

Denis moved to Spain with his parents in 1996, when he was 6 years old, when his father, a footballer himself, was invited to play for a Spanish club. He ended up growing up there, in Spain (and Portugal). At some point, he met Mourinho, as a teen, playing in some junior team affiliated with Real Madrid.

He would go on to playwith the grown up Real

and later returned to the Motherland and became one of the biggest and best stars of Team Russia at last year's World Cup

He was invited to Balashikha, a suburb of Moscow, as a guest of honor to the game between SKA St. Petersburg and Avangard Omsk (Siberia) and got to throw the symbolic first pack.

Didn't go quite as planned for him though

Not exactly his first such fumble and tumble though