Judge: Bars are allowed to throw out Trump supporters

May 2016
BECAUSE you were trying to claim it was as bigoted as “Uncle Tom.” It isn’t. Period.

You mean other than where it was done multiple times across multiple mediums. I provided you YouTube examples and you had to shift the goal post because you didn’t like being wrong.

It has been “extensively used towards white liberals” BECAUSE white liberals have a high frequency of being SJW cry babies. You are engaging in confirmation bias. It is an ecological falacy. Not all liberals are SJW crybabies. A close friend I used to grapple with is a bleeding heart vegan liberal lawyer. He is not even remotely an SJW. See how that works?

I didn’t say it wasn’t racially applied. In fact? I partially agreed with you. It has a high frequency of application towards blacks. But you tried to claim something very different about the use of the word that was FACTUALLY incorrect. You can have your own opinions, but you cannot have your own facts. Period.

The term is Indian in nature and has been applied in the past to whites and other races. If we want to discuss the current useage? Sure. Mostly black. Then probably Latino/Hispanic. My argument was that the word has the same meaning as white trash as far as I am concerned.

Nope. Not even close. EVEN IF you were correct (you are not and have had to shift goal posts and use logic fallacies to distort the discussion)...it still would not be equivalent. SJW is stating that someone’s view is illegitimate because they are crying over spilled milk. Where as calling someone an “Uncle Tom” is stating their views are illegitimate based purely on their skin color.

These are not equivalents. Not even remotely. No matter how much you try. You...cannot...escape...that.
No. Our discussions are based upon experiences and responses in this environment, because there is no way of verifying personal experiences in the real world. We debate based upon what another anonymous member writes. That is why anecdotal evidence is dismissed as an argument. SJW is not someone crying over spilled milk, it is someone that takes up a social justice platform, used by social cons as a pejorative to imply they have no “skin in the game”. Go back and read my posts again, SJW is just as bigoted as Uncle Tom, regardless if you agree or not. Period.