Judge To Duncan Hunter (R-Sleaze): No You Lying POS, Your Family Vacation To Italy Was Not A Congressional Business Trip

Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
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May 2019
From your link. No wonder he was 1 of the 1st GOP members of Congress to endorse sleazy Trump for the GOP nomination for president. Birds of a feather as the saying goes.

Rep. Duncan Hunter’s lawyers are asking a judge to keep the jury in Hunter’s campaign finance violations trial from hearing that he spent campaign money on his affairs with five different women.


What a defense: Yes, he used campaign funds on his affairs, but he only had affairs with women who were also business contacts, so it’s all kosher. Prosecutors disagree. Strongly. Hunter’s wife, who has cut a deal to cooperate with prosecutors, presumably also disagrees.
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May 2019
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Maybe he'll share a cell with Michael Avenatti.

Both had high political aspirations.

At one time...
Michael Avenatti is a lawyer.
Duncan Hunter is the current Republican Congressman from California's 50th district.
He was re-elected last November, despite being under indictment at the time for campaign fraud. He is accused of illegally diverting $250,000. in campaign contributions for personal expenses, including family vacations, dental bills, extramarital affairs with lobbyists, a plane ticket for his kids' pet bunny, and expensive golf clothes (which he tried to pass off as donations to veterans.)
Republican voters elected him anyway, because they apparently have no problem with crooked weasels as long as they have an (R) next to their name.


Jul 2014
Maybe he'll share a cell with Michael Avenatti.

Both had high political aspirations.

At one time...
Why do you bring up people who have nothing to do with the actual topic all the time?

Last time I check Avenatti never held elective office -while Duncan is a rep from a district near mine.

He is scum. Not only about the money, but the multiple affairs he had with other women, including lobbyists

No wonder his wife turned on him.