Dec 2015
Bowie, Md
Wonder where July 2019 fall in that 20th century average. It has been really hot so far.
If our local weather is anything to go by it should beat it hands down.

The problem is that each of our local weather experiences represents only 0.002% of the Earth's surface (assuming we know what is going on in every direction for 50 km)
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Apr 2015
The average global temperature anomaly was 0.9C above the 20th century average - the hottest just ever recorded, beating out even 2016 (the peak of an intense El Nino)

See June 2019 Climate Report
I don't know what the 0.9C above the 201th century average means.

Can you just share was the actual global temperature in June 2019 was as an absolute number? What was the actual global temperature in June 2016?
Dec 2015
Bowie, Md
If you take the average temperatures for every June on record during the 20th century, this June would have been 0.9C warmer and a new record.

The average global temperature has risen over the last century by about 1C to be about 14.7C (58.4F)
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Mar 2019
"US" of A
But, gonna cool down a bit this week.

In a few short months we'll hear people bitching about how cold it is.

Just like every other year...
Nope, and more dislocated populations and mass migrations are on the horizon. What is the american solution? Denial, endless wars over resources, the slaughter of the poor in the streets by "the law", and concentration camps.

We are in the desensitization phase as we speak.
Jul 2014
But as it "cools down" here - I don't consider mid 80s cool - they say Europe is going to get hit with another heat wave starting tomorrow.
Sucks to be Europe, eh?

They are usually pretty cool over there, compared to many of us.

And, "mid 80's" is cool to some.

Depends on where you live.

I have lived where "mid 80's" is very warm.

And, where "mid 80's" is pretty cool.

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