Junior World Champs: Russia-Canada 6-0

Aug 2018
Dang. That's a bad day. But Russia lost to the US and Canada beat the US.

It's still a tournament. Sorry for the kid. Hope he can recover and carry on in his career. A gold medal in the Jr worlds is nice.... But not worth losing a million dollar pro contract for.

Germany is up next.

I really think they're going to become a contender. With their own style. I'm excited to see them rise in several sports, soccer and hockey primarily. Not this year in hockey, but over the next ten.

They always play "like Germans". Efficient, clean, and relying on elite teamwork and coaching. Not the individual skill of a few stars.

The game can't grow when it's always the same 4 teams winning 12-0 all the time.

The Man

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Jul 2011
Oh man. Bad to worse.

Silly, IMHO

The Russians blowing up a fly into a whole elephant...

Not like they haven't pulled much worse own tantrums, in the past: Russia fined $85,000 for leaving ice before Canada's anthem at hockey worlds ceremony

It's this, they are acting like fucking snowflakes, as I have said before: WTF are Russians such thin skinned snowflakes...

Unworthy of a great nation...

How many of the Russian players are doped up?
Must have been some good dope if it helped them win 6-0.
I doubt it. They don't need to. Not in hockey.

IMHO, what happened was, Canada underestimated them.

Before the game, the Canadians thought they could dominate them with old school highly physical play: Canada will continue to take body in superpower showdown with Russia

But, modern Russian hockey is very different from old Soviet one. They play just as physically as Canadians now, and then some. They took Canada's body-checks and threw em right back...

The Man

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Jul 2011

Looks we will see a glorious rematch :D

That goalie, Amir Miftakhov, making quite a name for himself...

Shut out Canada; and now also came out to save the day against Sweden too.

Lot of talented Tatars in Russian hockey, actually, and most of em, weirdly enough, play as goalies too, like Emil Garipov, one of the most decorates stars in the Russian KHL right now, and Tatarstan's biggest sports hero of today

And Nikolai Khabibulin, who became big enough in the NHL itself, to have his own cards and action figures lmao

Just yesterday, in the KHL, 95 year old Fatima Shigapova, also from Tatarstan, was recognised as the league's official oldest fan lol

They are definitely a hockey nation, Tatars... Representing on the ice for all Russian Muslims haha

Here's hoping Miftakhov continues to make his people proud too... :)

And, may the best hockey superpower win in the Finals too, of course :D