Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Hospitalized After Fall

Jul 2014
Sure. January 2021. He's got two paths to re-election: 1) Rebuild his popularity past 45 percent and hold it there, or 2) Burn down all of his opponents to his level, and hope the eventual Democratic nominee ends up as unpopular as Hillary Clinton. Judging by his behavior at Wednesday's news conference, he's going with Door No. 2.

Bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see how it works out for him.
"as unpopular as Hillary Clinton."?

That seems highly unlikely.

Then again, if the DNC cheats to give it to their chosen one, like last time...ya never know.

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Jul 2011
I had a couple ribs cracked not too long ago, was sparring with a dude at our MMA gym, took a hard knee to the chest. Rib injuries hurt like hell, even just to breathe. I feel for her. Hope she gets well soon...
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Odds are, the next president ends up replacing both Ginsberg and Thomas. Just seems like how things are going to go.

2020 is a really big deal.
Thomas has already hinted at retiring next year. He has said he wants to travel. Justice Kennedy began his "retirement watch" after he indicated the same thing in 2017.


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Thanks Mac - You're a good person with integrity.

*Cringing at what I anticipate may be some mean-spirited responses.
During the mail bombing incident, I made some posts that were a little too flippant that I kind of regret now. I'm trying to do better. Whatever else Ginsburg is, she's a human being, an old lady. Feeling bad for an old lady in physical pain is a pretty low bar.