Juuling new trend for teens to secretly smoke marijuana

Jul 2011
Juuling new trend for teens to secretly smoke marijuana

Parents are being warned about a new vaping device, called a Juul pen, is quickly becoming popular in schools.

The Juul pen looks like a flash drive, but cartridges go inside that are filled with liquid nicotine. However, substance misuse experts say kids are filling them with other drugs.

"It's very easy to hide, and what they do is, they take the little cartridges that are full of liquid nicotine and they replace it with liquid marijuana," said substance misuse expert, Mike Gimble.

There is no odor, so users can smoke it anywhere without anyone knowing what's inside. Gimble said most adults don't recognize it, but it's the hot new thing for teens.

"(The teens) all know about it. The people that don't know about it are the parents and faculty, and that's why we need to bring these adults up on what these kids are doing to hide it, what they're doing to use it, when they're using it," Gimble said.


The article is from last year but the topic is current. Would you know if your kid was smoking weed out of a JUUL? I often wondered if the legalization of marijuana has more to do with the lack of being able to find and detect it in it's vapable form than other reasons.


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Feb 2007
Yes I would know. All it takes is building trust and a solid relationship and then talking to them every day. You can tell way faster than an investigation for or of a vape pen.

Remember all the kids who used to smell like pot in school back in the 80s and 90s? I sure do. While the method is different, the result is the same. Kids like to get high, total shocker.
Jun 2014
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Vape cartridges don't contain "liquid nicotine". Vape juice comes in a variety of flavors as well as nicotine levels. Many contain no nicotine whatsoever. Such an ignorant statement leads me to distrust the author.

As for hiding pot smoking from parents, kids have done that for centuries prior to the advent of vaping devices. it's much easier and less expensive to obtain regular marijuana and rolling papers than to purchase vaping equipment and marijuana oil.
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For growing minds? do you have peer reviewed studies to show this to be true or is this your opinion?
I think neither would be better for young people. No alcohol either. Of course these youngsters aren't going to listen to either of us and I think nicotine is the worst of the three.
Jul 2011

The Man

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Jul 2011
It can be gateway drug (weed)...

That's what happened with my niece, she started with pot, at school. Long story short, ended up on harder stuff, including heroin, in her early 20s. Thank God I got her clean and sober now, had to move her her, to Ontatio, across Canada.

Her parents, my sister and bro-in-law, could do nothing with her by themselves... I am only one she ever listened to, perhaps because I am not that much older (30 now) lol