Kamala Harris eats a pork chop on a stick while in Iowa; panders to Muslim voters


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Jan 2008
Most Insidious
Quite wisely, Bernie Sanders elects to eat his corn dog sideways, instead of adopting the more usual frontal approach, which can lead to much more embarrassing photos than this. Ask Michele Bachmann about that.
Just when he thought it was safe!

Jan 2016
anyone else craving pork chops after seeing the thread title?
The thread title alone didn't do it for me. It was seeing the photo of that juicy, succulent pork chop in the OP. Made me jealous of Kamala at that point, ESPECIALLY because I cannot eat any solid food at this time!

When my health returns to where I CAN eat solid food, by golly, I'm gonna find some restaurant that serves up a good pork chop dinner!