Keystone XL damage pics

Sep 2012
Photo essay included in article. And now tRump is trying to crush green energy research...

At one end of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, there is a scene you must see to believe

Nebraska regulators last November approved Keystone XL, a 1,180-mile-long (1,900-kilometer) extension of the existing Keystone Pipeline operated by TransCanada Corp.

However, the 3-2 vote in favor of expanding the pipeline followed a leak of 210,000 gallons of oil just days prior. That oil gushed from a section of Keystone in South Dakota before TransCanada cut off the flow.

Plans for Keystone XL call for the pipeline to begin in Alberta's oil sands, sometimes called tar sands, and end at holding tanks in Patoka, Illinois, as well as points in Texas along the Gulf of Mexico.

Former President Barack Obama canceled the Keystone XL pipeline in November 2015 with an executive order that said it wouldn't help lower gas prices or create that many jobs. He also cited the pipeline's long-term contribution to climate change -- possibly more than 22 billion metric tons of carbon pollution, according to Scientific American.

"If we're going to prevent large parts of this Earth from becoming not only inhospitable but uninhabitable in our lifetimes, we're going to have to keep some fossil fuels in the ground," Obama said.

But President Donald Trump overturned Obama's cancellation with a new presidential permit.
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Oct 2014
Probably not aware, but the contracts require that when done with the land they MUST return it to the condition it was in when they arrived...
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Oct 2015
Green energy research will continue, no matter what Trump does or does not do.

Too much money at stake...
A good thing to invest in as well. The market is trending that direction anyway. The notion that people want government to inflate demand is beyond me.
Jul 2014
Border Fence
Nov 2014
I guess you didn't bother to look at the photos. There is one where bison are grazing on black 'dirt'.
The area where "buffalo are grazing" is known as a "feed lot".
If you break out the google earth you'll discover that the oil sands strip mines are a tiny speck in a vast wilderness, which looks nothing like a feed lot btw.
That oil is coming out of the ground whether to be shipped by pipeline or trains (which can derail btw), it's coming out of the ground no matter what. And 50 years after an area is strip mined you won't be able to tell it ever happened; everything will be put back the way it was.